Hi Kuberians,

The bank transfer details that we have provided currently doesn't support UPI payments. You would not be able to use UPI transfer from Google Pay, PhonePe, Bhim etc for bank transfers to the CoinSwitch bank account and IFSC.

For PayTM payments bank, even though it says bank transfer, It usually forces UPI transfer due to which your Bank transfer from PayTM payments bank would fail. But there is a way you can enable IMPS transfer on PayTM payments bank. Below are the necessary steps to follow.

Step1: Disable UPI

You would first need to disable UPI. Tap on the profile on the top left and then tap on 'Your Accounts'. In the next screen, Tap on 'UPI'. Then tap on the 3 dots on the top right of the screen you will see 3 options. Tap on 'Disable UPI'. You will then see a confirmation at the bottom. Tap 'Confirm'. Don't worry you can re-enable UPI again when you return back to this screen.

Step 2: Money Transfer
Once you have disabled UPI. Return to your Payments Bank and tap on 'Money Transfer'.Here then tap on 'To a Bank Account'. You will now see the option to enter the CoinSwitch bank Details here. Copy the details from the CoinSwitch app and paste it in this screen and tap on 'Proceed'. Enter the bank account again to confirm and your transfer should get initiated. Wait a few minutes and the amount should be credited to your CoinSwitch wallet.


And thats it! Now you know how to transfer via IMPS using PayTM payments bank.

Happy Investing!